After careful consideration and review of Governor Hutchinson’s statement today, the Marmaduke School District has made the decision to change our Covid-19 guidelines to the following:


  • If an individual tests positive, they will need to isolate for a minimum of five (5) days and they are permitted to return on day six (6) with a mask (worn appropriately at all times) for the remainder of their ten (10) day isolation period. Preschool students who test positive will continue to isolate for ten (10) days.
  • If a student is considered a probable close contact (PCC), their parents will be contacted so they may monitor for symptoms. Should they develop symptoms, they are to stay home and get tested at an appropriate time. Individuals who are considered as possible close contacts (PCCs), but who do not have symptoms, will no longer be immediately quarantined.



This approach aligns with long-standing practices and policies that districts have used when responding to other contagious diseases. 


We will continue to focus on mitigation strategies and practices that have worked in our district so far. This will include social distancing, isolating positive cases, and additional cleaning and disinfecting. We will also continue to monitor positive case numbers and update the Board each week in case a change is needed.


Thank you for your support and patience during these trying times. They have been difficult. And yet, we’ve endured, together. As always, we endeavor to provide the greatest education possible for our students.